Who can Buy Property in Turkey? Can i Buy Property in Turkey

Who can buy property in Turkey - Basic Apartment

Who can buy real estate in Turkey? Can I buy real estate in Turkey?

This article is written to help foreign nationals who want to buy Property in Turkey

Which country can buy Property, which country can buy with limited rights and which country cannot buy Property in Turkey.

Turkey had a new regulation in 2012; according to the new article about foreign buyers, most nationalities can buy Property in Turkey. Buying residential and commercial Property process is easy and quick in Turkey. For more information, please read our buying guide in Turkey.

Who can buy Property in Turkey?

After the new regulation in 2012, over 180 nationalities can buy Property in Turkey with no restrictions. These countries are below

* Germany

* United States of America

* Argentina

* Albania

* Belgium

* Belize

* Benin

* Bosnia and Herzegovina

* Brazil

* Bulgaria

* Burkina Faso

* Burundi

* Chad

* Dominican Republic

* Estonia

* Morocco

* Ivory Coast

* Finland

* France

* Gabon

* Gambia

* Guinea

* South Africa Republic

* South Korea

* Georgia

* Croatia

* Netherlands

* England

* Ireland

* Spain

* Sweden

* Switzerland

* Italy

* Canada

* Kenya


* Colombia

* Kosovo

* Libya

* Lebanon

* Luxembourg

* Financial

* Moldova

* Monaco

* Namibia

* Niger

* Norway

* Poland

* Portugal

* Peru

* Romania

* Serbia

* Slovakia

Who cannot buy Property in Turkey?

Syria, Armenia, North Korea, and Cuba citizens can’t buy Property in Turkey

Can I Buy Land in Turkey?

If a real person buys land or field in Turkey, they must submit to the Project to be developed within two years. That means If a real person buys land, they must have a building Project on it.

Legal restrictions on buying Property  by foreigners

a) A real person of foreign nationality may purchase a maximum of 30 hectares of real estate

b) when real foreign people request to buy land, the request should be excluding left out of the military prohibition and security zones

c) Total area of the property that may be acquired by real persons or foreigners can be a maximum of 10%, where private property is allowed, in a district.

d) Property located in military forbidden and security zone can not be purchased

e) the real estate cannot be purchased where acquisition by foreign natural persons is forbidden.

f) Legal restrictions shall not be applied in the real estate pledge facility in favor of real persons and companies established in foreign countries in accordance with their legislation.

Countries that can buy real estate with restrictions




East Timor


A few nationalities, like Iraqis, Iranians, and Palestinians, need permission from the interior ministry when they need to buy agricultural land.

Russian ve Ukraine cannot buy Property along the black sea

Greek nationalities cannot buy Property along some regions of Eagean

Latvia cannot buy agriculture and land

We hope this is helpful information for you. For exact information, please contact us.

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