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Have you been to Turkey?
Or maybe you heard about a small town with a long history on the Mediterranean Sea?
Over the past few years, it has become increasingly popular with tourists from all over the world, both for leisure and for permanent residence.

And the name of this city of Alanya, which was given to him by the first President of Turkey - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1935.
Alanya - famous for its beautiful beaches, history, wonderful climate.
One of the famous beaches of the city - Cleopatra Beach, according to legend, Mark Antoliy gave it to Cleopatra, and the sand was specially brought from the Nile Valley.

Nowadays, this is a whole district in the center of the city and a very beloved place by both locals and visitors. Antalya Airport is 135 km away, and the new Gazipasa Airport is only 45 km away.


Living on "Cleopatra" you are mobile, near the best beach in Alanya, by the way the 4th beach on Instagram #Cleopatrabeach. At the bus station, you can buy a bus ticket to any part of Turkey, move around the city in comfortable buses, in your rented car or on a bicycle.

Every day you can swim in the clear sea, basking on the sandy beach, awarded with a blue flag for several years, and therefore be confident in cleanliness and ecology.
Cleopatra's beach stretches for several kilometers, along a beautiful promenade, equipped for sports. This includes bicycle lanes, gym equipment in parks, tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts, beach volleyball courts. A large Olympic swimming pool will give you the opportunity to swim and train at any time of the year, as well as a large football field and the club of the local football team Alanyaspor. Lovers of heavy weights will find many different specialized gyms, while others will find fitness, yoga, Pilates and other gyms. For children and their parents in the city center there is a city water park.

In the area of ​​"Cleopatra" there are two large hospitals, several clinics and dentists. Schools and kindergartens within walking distance.

There are a lot of cozy cafes and restaurants in the district, where you can drink delicious Turkish tea, Turkish coffee, enjoy various Turkish and European cuisine, taste natural goat-milk ice cream and much more. In all districts of Alanya, the agricultural market with local fresh fruits and vegetables comes once or twice a week, in the Cleopatra area this is Tuesday. And here is the fish market, where on any day you can buy fresh fish and seafood or choose and taste the grilled food on the spot.

Residents of the city are proud of their history and keep it, you can visit the ancient castle (Alanya kalesi) on a hill surrounded by a stone wall of 6.5 kilometers, the Red Tower (Kizil kule), in the shipyard (Tarsane), from the stocks of which in its time the ships went down, in the cave Damlatas (Damlatas magrasi) with stalactites, the air in which has a positive effect on asthmatics. Also visit the Archaeological Museum of Alanya. Recently, the state launched the cableway to the castle, now you can be upstairs in a few of minutes. You can find more detailed information about our sights, history, following the link of our city hall .

Real estate in this area is very valuable, even if you decide to sell it - you will not lose in price. The building is mainly five-storey buildings, closer to the mountains there are twelve-story buildings. Mostly urban complexes with a swimming pool, gym, spa salon, or just residential buildings. Special connoisseurs will be pleased with beautiful apartments with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Castle.

If you want to be in the center of city life, but still live in silence, go to the most famous and beautiful beach of Alanya, be mobile to the entire infrastructure of the city - this area is definitely for you.

It is better to see and live once than hear a hundred times or read. We are waiting for you in Alanya. Get to know the city with Basic Apartment!