Requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship

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According to the new regulation regarding the Turkish Citizenship Law published on September 19, 2018, the Republic of Turkey grants citizenship to foreigners who invest US$250,000 in Turkish real estate. Search our selected citizenship sites.

Requirements for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

- Invest $250,000 in real estate and not sell it for 3 years;

- Employment of 50 people;

- Buy a company with a capital of 500 thousand dollars;

- A deposit of $500,000 in Turkish state banks has not been withdrawn for 3 years;

How to get Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate:

The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship takes about two months. There are 4 main steps to follow.

1- Buy property in Turkey for 250,000 USD:

Find one or more apartments worth more than $250,000. Ownership license must be issued and title deed ready. the value of the property must be at least 250 thousand US dollars in the valuation report. Buy a property with a bank transfer and receive a transaction receipt.

2- Obtaining a certificate of conformity:

Property valuation report and money transfer receipt sent to the Minister of Environment and Urbanization.

3- Obtain a residence permit:

To obtain a residence permit, an application is submitted to the General Directorate of the Migration Board. For more information about residence permit, please click

4- Apply for Turkish Citizenship:

The application is submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with the necessary documents;

- Finally, get a Turkish passport.

Required Documents for Applying for Turkish Citizenship:

- Valid passport and copies

- Application form

- If applicable marriage certificate, birth certificate of children

- 8 photographs of the main applicant and 4 photographs of family members. Photos must be passport size.

- Evaluation report

- Resident card

- Medical insurance

- Document on marital status

- Title document for real estate

Frequently Asked Questions about Turkish Citizenship:

Question: Should I buy one property or several?

Answer: You can buy a single property worth more than $250,000 or multiple properties whose total value must exceed $250,000.

Question: Will my family get Turkish citizenship?

Answer: Wife, husband and children under 18 are eligible to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Question: Do I have to buy all the property at the same time?

Answer: No, you can buy real estate at different times. An important point is that the property must be purchased after 09/19/2018.

Question: Do I have to pay the price of the property in Turkish Lira?

Answer: You can pay both in Turkish Lira and in foreign currency.

Question: If I have a child, will he get Turkish citizenship?

Answer:Yes, the child will also receive a Turkish passport.

Question: Can I buy multiple properties to obtain citizenship?

Answer: Yes, you can buy multiple properties. An important point: the total value of the property must be at least 250 thousand US dollars.

Question: What about the exchange rate for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Answer: The exchange rate is set by the Central Bank of Turkey at the time of transfer of the title deed.

Question: Who approves citizenship?

Answer: The Council of Ministers has the right to approve Turkish citizenship.

Question: Do I need help applying for Turkish citizenship?

Answer: It's not very difficult, but it's always nice to have an expert. The Basic Apartment real estate team will assist you free of charge until you complete the procedure.

Question: Can I get a residence permit before completing the citizenship application?

Answer: Yes, you can obtain a residence permit for yourself and your family members before completing the citizenship procedure.

Question:  Can I have dual citizenship?

Answer: Yes, you can have dual citizenship.

Question: How long should I store this Resource?

Answer: The property will not be sold until 3 years. After 3 years, you are free to sell and your citizenship is retained.

Question: Can I buy commercial property to obtain Turkish citizenship?

Answer: Yes, you can get Turkish citizenship, also you can buy commercial property in Turkey. You get Turkish citizenship, your investments bring a certain amount of income every year.

If you have already bought a property in Turkey before 09/18/2018, you cannot apply for Turkish citizenship.

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